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According to internal memos, T-Mobile will fire corporate employees who are not vaccinated.

T-Mobile will reportedly fire corporate employees if unvaccinated by April 2.
T-Mobile is among several large companies that have made similar decisions in recent weeks.
  • T-Mobile is expected to fire corporate employees who are not vaccinated by April.
  • Bloomberg reports that workers were notified by email.
  • Medical and religious exemptions may be granted.

According to Bloomberg, T-Mobile is expected to fire some employees of its corporate clients who are not vaccinated by April according an internal memo.

The story was first reported by Bloomberg and Reuters on Saturday.

The memo states: "Employees that have not taken action to get their first dose of vaccines and uploaded proof by February 21st will be placed on unpaid parental leave." T-Mobile will seperate affected employees from those who have not been fully vaccinated by April 2.

According to Insider's Mary Hanbury, other large companies, such as Nike have also announced similar plans in recent week.

T-Mobile did no immediate respond to Insider's request.

T-Mobile issued a statement to Reuters Saturday saying: "We require office workers (with limited exceptions for certain roles, places, and legally mandated accommodations or exemptions) to have their vaccines up to April 2.

Bloomberg reports that Deeanne King (T-Mobile's EVP/chief human resources officer) wrote the memo, "While we hope all affected employees will be vaccinated" and added: "While this means we understand that some people have to make a deeply personal choice.

This move is mainly for HQ employees. The move is not expected to apply to field technicians and most retail employees in-store, but these workers are encouraged or required to continue with routine testing.

T-Mobile, among other companies, decided independently to uphold the vaccine mandate, despite the US Supreme Court ruling that temporarily blocked President Joe Biden's vaccination-or-testing mandate for companies that have more than 100 employees.

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