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If you're struggling to get your résumé seen, use this tip from Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary to make it stand out.

kevin oleary shark tank
Kevin O'Leary.
  • Kevin O'Leary stated that he hires people with hobbies that are different from the skills required for work.
  • He told CNBC Make It that "it's important because the person is balanced."
  • He stated that the most qualified candidates have a "yin-yang" personality and will be well-rounded.

It can be difficult to get your resume noticed by recruiters. Kevin O'Leary is a legendary investor and Shark Tank star. Here are some tips.

O'Leary spoke to CNBC Make It about what he looks out for in candidates when filling a job. O'Leary highlighted one 'green flag" that candidates should have is a hobby or pastime which is "completely different" from the professional skills he is seeking.

O'Leary stated that it was important because it showed the person's ability to think in a balanced way.

He stated that he prefers candidates with a balance of "yin" and "yang", and who are well-rounded individuals. Someone who is good at finances and also loves to play a musical instrument, for example.

O'Leary stated that he hired someone for a role in social media after learning that they were both ballet dancers. O'Leary said it was a sign that a candidate is committed to a time-consuming hobby as it shows they are a hard worker.

"Seeing people balanced in this way doesn't necessarily mean that they're not hardworking. He told CNBC Make It that they are working hard because they try to do everything simultaneously.

SoftKey was founded by O'Leary in the eighties. He is also known for his appearances on television shows Shark Tank, Money Court, and more recently, Shark Tank. O'Shares Investment Advisers is his investment fund.

He often shares his tips and tricks for climbing up the career ladder. Dan Schawbel, his podcaster, previously stated that his best career advice was to find balance.

Although it is important to tailor your resume to reflect the job you are applying for, recruiters recommend that you highlight notable accomplishments or hobbies to make your resume stand out.

Bank of America's diversity and inclusion head for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Katy Ingle, previously stated to Insider that she asked candidates about their hobbies to show her how they can contribute to the job.

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