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ADX Crossing indicator for MT4

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Introduction to ADX Crossing Indicator

Traders use the ADX indicator to identify markets that are trending and have strong momentum. The traditional version plots three lines: the ADX, -DMI, and +DMI lines. These lines can be used together to determine trend direction and potential trend reversals.

The ADX Crossing Indicator, a trend reversal indicator, is based on the ADX Indicator.

What's the ADX Crossing Indicator (

The ADX Crossing Indicator, a trend-following signal indicator, is based on the Average Directional Movement Index. (ADX Indicator).

This indicator shows dots that indicate potential momentum or trend reversals. It plots green dots below the price action to indicate possible bullish reversal. It also plots red dots over price action to indicate possible bearish reversal.

These dots can be used in conjunction with other technical analysis indicators such as price action and market trends to indicate a reversal.

ADX Crossing Indicator for MT4

How does the ADX Crossing Indicator Work?

An underlying ADX indicator is used in the ADX Crossing Indicator's algorithm. This is the primary indicator that the ADX Crossing Indicator uses in order to confirm trend reversals.

Two components of the ADX Indicator are used to determine trend direction. These are the Directional Moving Indicator lines (DMI), which are the +DMI and -DMI lines. If the +DMI value crosses over the -DMI, it is a bullish trend reversal. A bearish trend reversal occurs when the +DMI values crosses below the –DMI value.

The ADX Crossing Indicator doesn't consider every crossover to be a trend reversal signal. The indicator filters crossovers according to whether the ADX value is indicative of a strong trending or weak market. If the indicator is positive, it will plot red dots for bearish reversals and lime dots for bullish reversals.

How to Use the ADX Crossing Indicator For MT4

There are many input options available for the ADX Crossing Indicator's indicator settings.

How the ADX Crossing Indicator Works

You can modify the number bars that the indicator uses for its formula by using the "ADX bars" variable.

"Count Bars" refers the historical number bars within which the indicator would plot reversal signals.

"Use Sound", triggers the alert sound.

"Sound File" lets users modify the sound that is used when a reverse signal is activated.

Trade Setup

How to Enter?

If a limebar appears below a candle that is in confluence to other bullish technical indicators, you can open a buy order.

When do you want to exit?

If price action indicates a bearish reversal, close the trade immediately.

How to use the ADX Crossing Indicator for MT4 - Buy Trade

Setup for Trades

How to Enter?

If a red bar appears above or in confluence to other bearish technical indicators, open a sell order

When do you want to exit?

If price action indicates a possible bullish trend reversal, close the trade immediately.

How to use the ADX Crossing Indicator for MT4 - Sell Trade


The signals from the ADX Crossing Indicator are not always accurate. For better trade accuracy, the ADX Crossing Indicator signals are not always accurate.

Although signals from this indicator are not always accurate it can identify reversal signals which can last for a longer time and yield huge gains.

This indicator can be used by traders to confirm a trend reversal.

Indicators - Download Instructions ADX Crossing Indicator MT4 is a Metatrader4 (MT4) indicator. Its purpose is to transform the accumulated historical data.

The ADX Crossing indicator for MT4 allows you to spot patterns and peculiarities in price dynamics that are not visible to the naked eye.

This information allows traders to assume additional price movements and adjust their strategies accordingly. Click Here for MT4 Strategies

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How do I install the ADX Crossing Indicator on MT4.mq4 Download ADX Crossing Indicator MT4.mq4 Copy the ADX Crossing Indicator MT4.mq4 into your Metatrader Directory/experts/indicators / Metatrader 4 Client can be restarted or started Choose Chart and Timeframe to test your MT4 indicator You can search "Custom Indicators" using your Navigator, mostly left in your Metatrader4 Client Right click on ADX Crossing Indicator to access MT4.mq4 Attach a chart Change settings or click ok Your Chart contains the Indicator ADX Crossing indicator for MT4.mq4. How do I remove the ADX Crossing Indicator from MT4.mq4? Select the Chart in which the Indicator is running in your Metatrader4 Client Right-click to open the Chart "Indicators list" Select the indicator and click delete ADX Crossing Indiator for MT4 (Free download)



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