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Donchian Oscillator MT5 Indicator

Exynox Scalper

Donchian Oscillator measures the ratio between the current Close price and the Donchian Channel. The indicator will draw a histogram bar if the current Close price exceeds the Donchian channel. This is equal to the distance between the price and the border of the channel. If the Close price is below Donchian channel, the indicator draws an histogram bar with the same negative value as the distance between the channel border and the price.

It only requires one input parameter:

  • Period - Donchian channel calculation period


  • Close > Max Green histogram bars equal to Close – Max
  • If Close Min
    Red histogram bar equals Close - Min


Max, Min - The highest and lowest Highs and Lows within the Period range

Indicators - Download Instructions Donchian Oscillator (MT5 Indicator) is a Metatrader 5- (MT5) indicator. Its purpose is to transform the accumulated historical data.

The Donchian Oscillator (MT5 Indicator) allows you to see patterns and peculiarities in price dynamics that are not visible to the naked eye.

This information allows traders to assume additional price movements and adjust their strategies accordingly. Click Here for MT5 Strategies

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How do you install Donchian Oscillator MT5 Indiator.mq5 on your MetaTrader5 Chart?

  • Download Donchian Oscillator MT5 Indicator.mq5
  • Copy Donchian oscillator MT5 indicator.mq5 to your Metatrader5 Directory / experts/ indicators
  • Metatrader 5 Client can be started or stopped
  • Choose Chart and Timeframe to test your mt5 indicators
  • You can search "Custom Indicators" using your Navigator, which is usually left in your Metatrader Client 5.
  • Right click on Donchian Oscillator MT5 Indicator.mq5
  • Attach a chart
  • Change settings or click ok
  • Your Chart has the Indicator Donchian Ohscillator.mq4

How do you remove the Donchian Oscillator.mq5 indicator from your Metatrader5 Chart?

  • Select the Chart in which the Indicator is running in your Metatrader Client 5.
  • Right-click to open the Chart
  • "Indicators list"
  • Select the indicator and click delete

Donchian Oscillator MT5 Indicator (Free Download)



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